Recently, the public appraisal and election of “The 10th Hangzhou Excellent Entrepreneur” jointly organized by Hangzhou Corporate Federation and Hangzhou Entrepreneur Association, through the process of recommendation, initial assessment, evaluation, publicity and final approval, has been announced that totally 18 entrepreneurs were crowned as the title of “The 10th Hangzhou Excellent Entrepreneur”, among which, Unibear Chairman Clive Cao was successfully selected as one of them.This election was to reward and honor those industrial tycoons and corporate leaders in municipal key enterprises marked by adopting pioneering spirit and forging ahead with determination, working hard to transfer corporate development mode, and making important contributions in promoting Hangzhou sustainable and healthy economic development. Being successfully chosen as the Excellent Entrepreneur, embodies not only the praise by Hangzhou municipal government on Mr. Clive Cao on the important contribution to Hangzhou economic development, but also the compliment on our company’s continuous fast development for decades of years.  In recent years, under the leadership of Chairman Mr. Clive Cao, Unibear has turned on good development trend, with rapidly expanded industrial scale. The product categories have fast covered motorcycle driving chain and sprocket, large-sized industrial chain, agricultural chain, mechanical car-parking equipment chain, etc. which prevailing spread all over the world.    For many years, Mr. Clive Cao has all along taken the oath of serving country by working on industry, and actively undertaken social responsibility with enthusiastic philanthropy spirit. He practiced Scientific Outlook on Development, striving to build harmonious working atmosphere. He also insist on the belief of People-Oriented, fostered large quantities of excellent talents, paved firm foundation for building Unibear into a world-famous brand with mid-to-high end chain products.  
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